“The Montessori approach assumes that we are all born intelligent, we simply learn in different ways and progress at our own individual pace. At Waikato Montessori Education Centre children learn through hands-on experience and investigation. A complete Montessori curriculum is provided in a calm, respectful environment.”

We respect that an important responsibility parents have, is to make decisions to determine the best environment in which to place their child at this most sensitive time in their development.

The values and experiences presented to the child now will have the greatest influence on shaping their character as an adult. Everything they are exposed to will create an impression in their mind and Montessori supports this in the most positive way.

We aim to support parents in this decision-making role with an offering geared to the development of your child’s natural human tendencies and developing characteristics.

We are committed to developing an educational experience you and your child will cherish forever. One that prepares your child fully for their future; where your child’s unique talents are awakened and nurtured; where you feel involved and your contribution is valued. This Montessori Centre will deliver lasting value for you and your child, and the Waikato community. We have researched approaches in Montessori schools for a number of years, both in New Zealand and internationally. At this time we believe we have created a Montessori programme which will demonstrate how Montessori is unique in the world of education, how Montessori deals holistically with developmental stages and places no limits on
a child’s potential in any area.

Using good judgement and being able to take responsibility for our choices is a skill that is developed by experience and is one of the fundamental principles that is embedded in all our programmes, even from 3 years old. Our approach to life and our personality is developed at such a young age; our Montessori programmes are here to support the growth in academic and authentic character development through all these childhood years.

“Today, more than ever before, we each need to be able to think deeply and independently, and to be able to make effective decisions so we can positively contribute to our rapidly changing times for the better of all humanity.”

Children will have access to a full academic curriculum, have the benefit of a large outdoor environment, and will be embraced with respect and modelled etiquette. The values used in our Montessori programme help to create a community where friendships are valued and communication is open. You will always be welcome to ask questions and request information.

We belong to national and international networks within the Montessori community and aspire to be a world class school. We have stable and committed educational leadership and will continue to achieve our goals with the ongoing support of you all.


Parents who are first considering Montessori often have many questions, we hope we have provided information to help you decide if we are a good match for what you are looking for. Our goal is to help every prospective family make the best decision possible about their child’s long term education. A decision to enrol a child should be based on the parents’ and school’s mutual belief that this will be a good fit for the family’s values and goals. We look forward to working in partnership with you as your child discovers the joy of learning in the Montessori way. We welcome your application for enrolment and encourage you to ask about any questions you may have.

Diane Bhana

What we do

Dr Montessori observed…that human development occurs in planes; periods with distinct physical and psychological characteristics.

Our Programmes

The child’s capacity to learn from birth to 6 years is like that of a sponge, soaking in knowledge from all senses.

About Us

The Waikato Montessori Education Centre is owned and administered by The Golden Beads Charitable Trust.

Montessori Values

We believe that every member of our community has a fundamental right to be treated with respect, regardless of age.


Thank you for being part of our lives. Thank you for the love, kindness, nurturing and teaching that you’ve shown to our children.


As a parent, you want the best for your children. Waikato Montessori has provided the best possible start to our children’s education. We have been attending the centre for 10 years now, and have seen the centre grow in numbers and facilities while retaining its unique atmosphere. After their first couple of days at the centre, both girls (aged 3) would see me off at the door with a “you can go now.” They were always happy to be there with their friends and in an environment set up especially for them.
One of the biggest things about Montessori for me is that it is child driven and my children could choose what they wanted to do and when. The self-motivation and self-discipline they learn at an early age at Montessori has allowed my eldest daughter to assimilate very easily into the next stage of her education and given her the skills needed to succeed in a different learning environment. My eldest daughter has gone on to be in the top streamed class for the past two years. She has now been identified as a gifted and talented student as she is achieving at an exceptional level when compared to others of a similar age. I strongly believe her years of Montessori education has played a large part in her scholastic achievements so far. I am truly thankful to all the staff at Waikato Montessori for the support and encouragement they have shown, and continue to show, my children.


Your devotion to the programme, dedication to the children, never-ending patience as well as your caring natures, have been consistently reassuring in our decision to choose Waikato Montessori. As a parent I have always known that my child has been in a safe, supportive environment and I have been 100% confident in your teaching abilities as well as certain that we chose the right people to be part of shaping the person our son is today.
His journey with you for the last two years has helped him develop into an independent, confident, strong, assertive, happy, caring and helpful individual – and all at his own pace. We are sad that the time to say goodbye has arrived. The next chapter in his life is sure to be quite different and we take confidence in the fact that our informed decisions have proven to be strong ones.


Your love, care, diligence and professional styles makes you some of the best teachers we have had any experience of. Amelia has thoroughly enjoyed her days with you and you will continue to hold a special place in our hearts.


Bella has had a wonderful two years at Montessori thanks to the dedicated and passionate teachers at her pre-school. John and I have always been amazed (and proud) of how happy and confident Bella has become over the last couple of years.


We are very grateful for the direction, development and growth that we have seen in our children while they have been at Montessori. A lot of the credit must go to you for the way you run your school.


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Montessori Outcomes

Montessori Outcomes
A child passing through all our Montessori programmes has the best chance of emerging as a strong young adult. They will: be

A child passing through all our Montessori programmes has the best chance of emerging as a strong young adult. They will:
be able to make up their own mind,
take their place in society as a responsible member,
make choices and think independently,
understand consequences of their actions and decisions,
have some idea of their own life’s mission and be able to start to work towards this.


Maria Montessori

Maria Montessori
Maria Montessori was born on the 31st August 1870 in the town of Chiaravalle, Italy. Her father, Alessandro, was an accountant in

Maria Montessori was born on the 31st August 1870 in the town of Chiaravalle, Italy. Her father, Alessandro, was an accountant in the civil service, and her mother, Renilde Stoppani, was a well-educated woman who loved to read. In 1875 the Montessori family moved to Rome and in 1876 Maria was enrolled in the local state school on the Via di San Nicolo da Tolentino. As her education progressed, she began to break through the barriers which constrained women’s careers.


Montessori Alumni

Montessori Alumni
Montessori offers an education for a lifetime love of learning - and with that come the skills needed to succeed in every

Montessori offers an education for a lifetime love of learning – and with that come the skills needed to succeed in every facet of our ever-changing global society