“As a parent, you want the best for your children. Waikato Montessori has provided the best possible start to our children’s education. We have been attending the centre for 10 years now, and have seen the centre grow in numbers and facilities while retaining its unique atmosphere. After their first couple of days at the centre, both girls (aged 3) would see me off at the door with a “you can go now.” They were always happy to be there with their friends and in an environment set up especially for them.

One of the biggest things about Montessori for me is that it is child driven and my children could choose what they wanted to do and when. The self-motivation and self-discipline they learn at an early age at Montessori has allowed my eldest daughter to assimilate very easily into the next stage of her education and given her the skills needed to succeed in a different learning environment. My eldest daughter has gone on to be in the top streamed class for the past two years. She has now been identified as a gifted and talented student as she is achieving at an exceptional level when compared to others of a similar age. I strongly believe her years of Montessori education has played a large part in her scholastic achievements so far. I am truly thankful to all the staff at Waikato Montessori for the support and encouragement they have shown, and continue to show, my children.” Judith Blincoe-Eddy

“Thank you for being part of our lives. Thank you for the love, kindness, nurturing and teaching that you’ve shown to our children.” Jason and Remai Mitchell

“Your devotion to the programme, dedication to the children, never-ending patience as well as your caring natures, have been consistently reassuring in our decision to choose Waikato Montessori. As a parent I have always known that my child has been in a safe, supportive environment and I have been 100% confident in your teaching abilities as well as certain that we chose the right people to be part of shaping the person our son is today.

His journey with you for the last two years has helped him develop into an independent, confident, strong, assertive, happy, caring and helpful individual – and all at his own pace. We are sad that the time to say goodbye has arrived. The next chapter in his life is sure to be quite different and we take confidence in the fact that our informed decisions have proven to be strong ones.” Anita and Nick Jurgens

“Your love, care, diligence and professional styles makes you some of the best teachers we have had any experience of. Amelia has thoroughly enjoyed her days with you and you will continue to hold a special place in our hearts.” Alison Mallett

“Bella has had a wonderful two years at Montessori thanks to the dedicated and passionate teachers at her pre-school. John and I have always been amazed (and proud) of how happy and confident Bella has become over the last couple of years.”Paula and John Anderson

“We are very grateful for the direction, development and growth that we have seen in our children while they have been at Montessori. A lot of the credit must go to you for the way you run your school.” The Griffiths Family

“We appreciate the role of the Montessori principles and your delivery of them contributing to Holly’s growth. Thank you for all of the hard work, time and energy you have put into Holly’s care and education. The last three years have seen Holly develop into a confident, kind and happy wee person.” Tracey and Ricky Daji